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Bhavya Sri Penumarla

Well, in the beginning I was not much of a superstitious person. It was my dad who came to me and said “ You have to try this lucky ring that matches your horoscope and your future plans of going to abroad which is prescribed by Dr. Ramana lal ji” I had in my mind what’s luck? In front of a hard work! I was kind of sceptical with this. Later with the time, there had been alot of changes in me and my career. My health got better, I was performing well in my studies and with this, My dream of going to abroad for Masters is in the line! Every task made easy and got my admission in Canada for this September, educational loan sanctioned without even a collateral and finally flying in August! It’s a great pleasure to be associated with such a young entrepreneur @meghana gudivada. And now, I myself recommended to put on this ring for 4 of my relatives. They have their success stories as well! Thanks meghana for your amazing online services... I’m extremely satisfied with the product and special thanks to Dr. Ramana lal ji for prescribing me one of the best and precious gems in the world!

Reshna N P

Thanks to Dr. Ramanalal for recommending me to wear Yellow Sapphire. It brought positive vibes in my life. Thanks to #astrogemveda for such a beautiful classic ring.. Just loved it

Poorna Pravallika

There is a quote,"No pain No gain". But I say that along with the pain and hard-work there should always be LUCK that favors you. Astrologer: Dr. Ramana Lal ASTROGEMVEDA made me to get on my battle by suggesting the YELLOW SAPPHIRE (BROHUT RATNAM). My stretch was surpassed with this stone. I was prosperous in building house and my health. Thanks to Astrogemveda!